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Answer to a friend in Botswana... A única maneira de responder à MizJay

Louis Amstrong and "What a Wonderful World", dedicated to my friend Janet MizJay Mmusi...

Resposta a um comentário da minha amiga no Botswana. A única maneira de lhe responder é pelo blog...

Jane MizJay Mmusi commented
"@Maria.. hey mum.You writing something about me? wow, um so so excited.

Why did you tell me, now um so anxious.

Please tell me wen u are done so that i visit your blog and see it.

You are special to me too and I LOVE YOU.

Hugs and Kisses."

E, momentos mais tarde:

Jane MizJay Mmusi, April 19, 2010 at 5:15pm

"Hey Mum.
I visited your blog and saw that you wrote about me.Can you please translate for me so that i know what you have written.I am so exited.Take care and love you lots."

Por isso decidi traduzir (mais ou menos bem, não importa...) o texto do meu blog...
"I have a friend who lives in Botswana whose name is Janet MizJay Mmusi.
We start to change some messages in Facebook and we decided to “be friends”. One day, I told her that I could be her mother because my daughter was older than her.

She answered me at once and asked if I wanted to be “her mother in the net” .
So, I became her virtual mother.
Funny, because after that, it seemed to be easier to speak about ourselves.

I told her that I lived fifteen years at Rome and there I had some friends who knew the Botswana and were very fond of the country.
And one day returning from a travel there, they brought me a beautiful statuette made of ebony.

They were a Finnish family and their daughter, Merja, was collegue -and friend- of my daughter.
Perhaps for that reason, I was very curious about Botswana.

The sculpture (a very delicate work) represented two or three little human figures, grabed around a tree branch (not bigger than 20cm), like miniatures but with very expressive faces.
(Now I photographed it, so you can see...).

After Rome, I went to live five years in S. Tomé and Prince in the equatorial zone of West Africa.

The Equador’s line passed exactly through the little Island of the Doves –Ilhéu das Pombas- and the Botswana is in the far east coast, under Capricorn Tropic.

For all that, I started to “talk” to Janet.

We were both (and that thing made us to be nearer) “Fans of Obama” in Facebook. Perhaps because of that we became friends.

I saw her pictures, she saw mine and we start to talk about life and all that.

Is not Utopy a real thing?

I travelled alot to London last year (my real daughter was living there…), and Janet used to ask me questions about my photos from London…

The squirrels at the Old Brompton Cemitery, for instance, made her curious.

She asked: “they are dangerous to men?”
By mistake, (my english being not perfect…) I answered: “They are harmful”, whereby I wanted to say “they are harmless”…
“Oh! With that little teeth!?”

She enjoyed my photos in of what I saw in Museum of Natural History –the fossils of ancient birds and fishes- all that provoque other questions and answers.
And so, and so, and so...we became friends.

The last months I left her behind, because I had problems and could'nt came often to Facebook.

But sometimes I saw her messages in the “chat” corner:
-Mum, are you there?
I couldn’t answer directly, I didn’t know how to do...

So, I sent some “comments” some “like” this or that - and days ago she wrote me an e-letter:

Hey mum.
Thanks for not forgetting me. I also haven’t forgotten you and how we used to chat all the time. I gues you are busy with travelling, but when you have the time, I know you will be available for me.
My work exactly is of a Systems Analyst. I studied Business Information Systems at University of Botswana. So, I work at Premierwealth Financial Planning, I am in charge of the Website, Databases, Newsletter and other IT related things.Like I told you in the past, my dream is to be an actress, movie producer, script writer, movie director.

I am still struggling to penetrate the industry, although I once had a small breakthrough when I was an EXTRA at the shooting of the Holywood movie, The Ladies NO. 1 Detective Agency which was shot in Botswana.
I have since written a novel which I wanted to be turned into a movie, but the editors told me to turn it into a play because I had no skill of a novelist. So that is what I am still working on now.

My plan is to start a theatre group which I can use to direct the screen plays that I write. I know God will make a way.
Sometimes I don’t have enough time to work on my book because my Job is too demanding.I know I will make it and one day I will be a holywood star and make you proud Mum.
Take care.Kisses.”

I found that marvelous: It made me feel happy.

I asked her if I could use her Facebook Album photos ( the day when she graduated) and put her letter in my “blog”, she said “ok, with pleasure”.

So here I am, speaking of her.

She is a young girl full of hope, and ideals. She dreams to realize many different things.
She wants to be an actrice!

(Who does'nt? How many young people, here in Portugal, is not dreaming the same dream?!)

But it is not enough:

She wants to be a film director!
She wants to be a writer!
She wants to create a Theater Group!
She wants TO BE!

I was fascinated.
It was so wonderful!

And I thought about Utopy again. Utopy is our creation at every moment, isn't it!

Some weeks before she wrote:

"London seems to be beautiful, I liked your photos. Once, when I will retire, I’ll come to live there”.
And I thought:

Why not? We could meet there…”
Time for love never ends...

Now I'm thinking:

How good life could be!
And life is so interesting!
By chance? -who knows if it’s by chance or by necessity, a need we all have to think of people and be less lonely, or more happy?

...By chance –or not- it happens to me to have my two daughters living in the same part of Africa!
My “real” daughter is in Mozambique, and my “virtual” one is in Botswana…

And I have something more to add:

Merja, the Finnish friend of my daughter, is now a “virtual” friend of Janet MizJay…

Is not life wonderful?
I put above the link of a song by my adored Louis Amstrong: "What a wonderful world… "

Please, let's sing with him!

I see trees of green, red roses too.
I see them bloom
for me and you.

And I think to myself,
What a wonderful world.

I see skies of blue
and clouds of white,
The bright blessed day,
The dark sacred night.

And I think to myself,
What a wonderful world.

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